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Hyland Ice Supply

( a division of Kemcroft Enterprises Ltd.)

A family run business serving central Ontario since 1945

Production and Head Office, Wilberforce
Distribution Centers, Orillia and Gravenhurst

800-321-6686 Toll Free
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Our Products

We manufacture 3 product sizes

2.75 Kg Nugget
Standard size bag

Picture of 2.75 Kg Nugget Ice

4.5 Kg Block

Picture of 4.5 Kg Block

9 Kg Nugget
Food services size

Picture of 9 Kg Nugget Ice

Hyland Ice produces high quality Packaged Ice in see through, food grade plastic bags. In this way our staff and customers are able to see the Ice to identify "Old Ice " so that it may be replaced at no charge at the store level.

Ice is a Food says CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and must be handled as such. Our Ice is manufactured and regularly inspected under PIQCS Plus guidelines (Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards Plus following GMP's - Good manufacturing Practices and SSOP's - Standard Sanitary Operation Practices).

Hyland Ice is a member of The IPIA (International Packaged Ice Association) whose motto is:

"All ICE should be this GOOD!"

Hyland Ice has gone green. We have cut our carbon footprint by adding new production equipment which uses a natural refrigerant and 1/2 the horsepower to produce almost twice the Ice.

We use the heat which is removed from the water when it is converted into Ice to heat our buildings. This helps to significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as well.

Please call us to supply all of your packaged Ice needs at 800-321-6686

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